Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday - April 24, 2008

hello and welcome --

welcome to
yes the website is now officially up and running
please check it out and leave your comments

I am also able to announce at this time that the 2008 CBC-dutch touch International Camp is sold out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a full camp plus some and it is only the end of April --
we will welcome 14 dutchies and 2 Germans to the camp this and many returning St. Louis campers with many new ones as well -- it should be another great experience for everyone.

enjoy the website

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday - April 11, 2008

Hello everyone

I want to inform you thaat soon the cbc-dutch touch web site will be up and running.
You will find it at:

it should up at going within 2 weeks time, I hope -- definitely by the end of April.

We will be loading Camp, travel and coacing education information along with other soccer and dutch soccer-related information.

As of this moment, the registration for the 2nd CBC-dutch touch International Soocer Camp is doing very well. I think we will be full in the near future and then will have to close applications. This summer we will welcome 14 dutcchies and 2 German players to St louis along with @ 60 St Louis boys and girls. we are very excited about the prospect of another successful week and look forward to making new friends with young players form Europe.

Our most recent trip to Holland exemplified the wonderful relationships that have developed in such a short period of time. We met the parents of the players from last summer and many of them hosted our kids while we were there. It is an extraordinary benefit from the soccer eexperience and we are all better becaus eof it.

We are definitely planning to return to Holland next spring with another group of St Louis players. We have March 19 - March 28 as the dates for the trip. Plan ahead and mark your calendar as this trip will be another wonderful experience. If you have any questions, please contact Terry Michler at -------

Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions ---