Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp ends


Camp has ended, but not without many memories. It was a great week from the weather to the enthusiasm of the players to the quality of the coaching. You really could not have asked for more. I want to sincerely thank all the coaches and helpers for their effort and the quality they brought to the Camp. To Jan, who had been grounded by his doctor, many thanks for a great program to folloe each day of the week. All the players benefitted from the experience and the interaction with the coaches.

We ended Camp with the Awards ceremony and Sam Scoles and Gudo Van Dronkelaar were awarde the Wooden Shoe Award as the Camp's MVP in their respective groups. During the week we awarded the Player of the Day and we made 9 presentations of that award.

We hope that everyone leaves with a better understanding of the Dutch Vision of soccer and in some way, hopefully, a better player. Thanks to all who attended the Camp and we wish you all the best in soccer future. we hope to see many of you back in Camp next summer.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 23

We are now approaching the end of the Camp and it really seemed to fly by.

Today, Thursday was a good day,. a light rain in the morning session, warmr in the afternoon session and a lightning delay fo the evening session. We managed to get everything in without any problems.

Friday we have a morning session with 2 technical training sessions - 2 contests (Pk and Juggle) - 2 All Star games ( 1 with the 2 younger aged groups and 1 Staff vs 2 older groups) -- followed by lunch and the Awards ceremony.

We ad a fantatstic week with the weather cooperating wonderfully -- everyone met new people and made some new friends and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best coaches possible and to experience the Dutch Vision of soccer.

It will be sad to close Camp on Friday, but we hope that the experience was one that will last longer than the week of Camp. We look forward to seeing many of the payers returning next summer to Camp and we will invite some to join us on our Spring trip to Holland.



Wow !! We are already at Thursday, the last full day of the Camp. It has been a great week in every aspect. The players have cooperated very well, they are working hard, learning, improvining , making new friends, and having a great time , plenty of fun.

Wednesday was a good day with a morning only training session under cloudy skies and cool temps. The 4v4 was very well attended and the players enjoyed 'free play' - no coaching, just play and have fun with friends. The pool party was great, a little cool, but the heated pool helped. Even more players attneded the pool party. At 10pm, when our day ended, everyone was tired, but had a a lot of fun.

Today we are back with 3 training sessions. Another nice day of weather, with no chance of rain and moderate temps. We have been extremely fortunte with the weather this week and that makes a hge difference on the energy, attitude and performance of the players.

Friday, a morning session to include a juggle and penalty kick contest, followed by All Star games - with a staff vs the older campers in an All Star game. We have some younger helpers and assistant coaches who will challenge the best of the older groups - should be fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 23

Today is a different schedule for the players -- local players morning trianing session and guests will have the day to sightsee in and around St. Louis. Everyone will meet at 6 pm at St.Luke's for 4v4 on grass fields, BBQ and then to swim party.

Tuesday was another GREAT day in Camp - the weather was nice, a littl sprinkle of rain just for a short time, the players were awesome - great enthusiasm and energy - and we hada soccer quiz that everyone participoated in.

The week is starting to get away from us as we approach the last few days of the Camp. Everyone is having a very good time , making new friends and enjoying a good atmosphere and thew Camp has been running very smoothly with a great program sent over to us by Jan.

Today, Jan has some further tests in the hospital to make sure that everyhting is normal and ok with his heart -- let's wish him well and hopr for the best.

later today, I will have some time to post more pictures.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A few pictures


Tuesday - Camp Day # 2

Monday was a great day with beautiful weather, good meals and a full day of soccer. The players cooperated very well as we played right up to 8:30 pm with the 11 a side games. I am sure that the players slept well last night as the day was long and they were tired.

Today, Tuesday will be the same full schedule, but with the possibility of rain. We will seewhat happen with that-- we will still have the cool temperatures, maybe just a little bit wet.

Wednesday will be a break in the schedule with the Dutchies off untl 6 pm to do some sightseeing and the local boys with a morning training session only.

More later

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday - First Full Day of Camp


today, Monday will be the first full day of camp - starting with the warmup at 9 am and training from 9:15 until 11:30. The morning will bedevoted to passing exercises and small-sided games. Lunch at CBCen at 12 noon and then back o the field for the afternoon session - warmup at 1:45 and training starts at 2:00. The afternoo training consists of shooting, possession and theory (classsroom session. The session ends at 4:00 with dinner served at CBC at 4:30. The evening session begins with a warmup at 5:45 and 11 a side at 6:00, with the day concluding by 8:30 pm. All in all, plenty of soccer for 1 day. The schedule is the same for Tuesday and Thursday - full days of training. Wednesday and Friday's schedule are differnt.

The weather is continuing to cooperate as today will be mostly clear with temperatures to reach 80 F - very unusual for this time of the year in St. Louis, but also very welcomed !!

I will be back at the end of the day recapping the day's activities, hopefully with some pictures to post as well.

On Sunday, all the dutchies seemed to be in good spirits and were actively involved in the activities.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camp Photo

luckily, I got a Cmp photo sent very quickly --
here it is


Sunday's Done --

hello everyone

Wow - what a great start to the week !!
Sunday was fantastic with the cooperation and the energy of everyone. The level of play and the enthusiasm was very high.

We started off in the gym with the Orientation Program and welcomed all of our guests and read an email letter from Jan explaining his situation. The pictures went fast and then we started playing and that's what everyone was waiting for.

We were on the field for over 2 1/2 hours and the time seemed to fly by. Players played and coaches evaluated.

I hope to post a camp photo tomorrow if all goes well.

first full day Monday -

more tomorrow

Sunday, July 19, 2009 -- Camp Day # 1

Hello everyone and a special hello to Irene !!

Yesterday was a great day and everyone got through their jet lag and did a variety of activities. The coaches had a great meeting and we are anxious to get started.
Today looks to be another very nice weather day and everyone should be fresh and full of energy.

We will start at 4 pm with an Orientation meeting, followed by pictures and then we start playing with small-sided games for evaluation purposes. The night will end by 8:30 pm and then we will resume Monday morning with a 9 am warmup and training at 9:15.

I will return later tonight when we finish the Sunday session and post how that went.

Jan has sent over a nice letter by email explaining his situation and wishing the kids a good week. He has asked them to be open to learn and to work in a way that is still fun - but by the end of the week, to be better. I know Jan is really missing being here, but he has no choice. Health takes priority and he needs to rest for awhile.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Saturday looks to be a great day for our guests as the weather will be very unusual for this time of the year -- a clear sky, with a nice breeze and very comfortable temperatures. It will be a wonderful day to experience St. Louis with the host families. Everyone is free to do their own thing today and I am aware of the following activities: a BBQ where several groups will join together, a Cardinal baseball game, a day on the water boating and a visit to a college campus to meeet with the soccer coach.

The coaches will gather and have a pre-Camp meeting to go over all the details as sent by Jan. We wish Jan the best in his recovery from his medical situation and we will miss him this week. He has sent over the program for the week and it is very well planned and will provide the players with a well-rounded soccer experience.

Camp will begin on Sunday at 4pm with an orientation meeting, followed by pictures. Then we will begin with the soccer activities as we evaluate the players and put into groups for the week. Sunday's session will end by 8:30pm and then we return Monday at 9 am for a full day of training, ending by 8:30pm. Lunch and dinner will be provided at CBC and we will provide ample rest in between the 3 sessions.

We have made arrangements to have the Camp put on a DVD this year and it is available for purchase. Hopefully, all the dutchies received the information pre-Camp. If not and you would be interested in purchasing a DVD, please contact Terry at ---

More to come as the week unfolds ----------

Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Guests Arrive !

Friday, July 17, 2009

We are pleased to snnounce that everyone arrived afely, on time and in good spirits --- and all the luggage arrived as well. So, we are off to a gret start. In addition, the weather in St. louis could not be beter for this time of the year -- it is relatively cool with very little humidity. Usually we are aweltering with high temperatures and high humidity crating a high adangerous heat index. The extended forecast into next week looks just as good. We should be in for a great week of Camp.

Please check this regularly as I will keep this up during the Camp with a daily update

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a free day for the families to get to know their new guests. Camp starts n Sunday in the late afternoon.

Good first day report.