Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, Oct. 23

Just received a nice email and photo from the vd Laan's about Jordie and Michelle.
It is very nice to receive this information and share it on the blog.
Please forward any information or photo(s) that you wpould like to share and I will post it.

thanks again, it's always great to hear from the dutchies.

Hello Terry,

Here is the team picture of Michelle and Jordie. I think you can find those 2 in the back line, isn’t it??
Jordie will take part of the National Skill Championship in Papendal(Arnhem) this Sunday. He must play against 17 other boys of 13 & 14 years old and the most important thing will be to make the most skills and moves. The final winner will travel to Manchester United for 2 days and participate at a training with Manchester United!! They are trying to let Cristiano Ronaldo take place at this training!!!

So cross your fingers at Sunday for Jordie(it’s also his birthday, so it would be a nice present!!) and let’s hope he will win….

Michelle will leave to Valencia(Spain) at Saturday and will come back next Friday. It’s an exchange from the school.

Best regards, Anja vd Laan
Michelle Jordie

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rc.laan said...

Unfortenately Jordie hasn't won the trip to Manchester. He obviously was a good moves- and skillsplayer, but he lost the battle from 2 other boys. We were very disappointed, but that's the game. Next year we will try again...
Best regards to all of you,
fam. van der Laan