Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great 2 nd day

sun 3-22-09

quick recap-

Jan arrives and joins us

we play indoor in Someren

Go to Eindhoven for PSV - Vitesse game

beautiful day

all luggage has arrived

meet the dutchies and train today


BigSmoke said...

Thanks Terry for all you have done for Tyler on the trip!! A special thanks to Mr. Ebert and Brendan for taking Tyler in and helping make his trip alot less stressful, it is greatly appreciated!!

BigSmoke & Peggy Womack

BigSmoke said...

Terry, we need to make contact with you asap. Peggy is going to come over there tomorrow but we need some information to help us get her there. Thanks, BigSmoke & Peggy 314-943-3333 or 314-443-7975