Thursday, July 23, 2009


Wow !! We are already at Thursday, the last full day of the Camp. It has been a great week in every aspect. The players have cooperated very well, they are working hard, learning, improvining , making new friends, and having a great time , plenty of fun.

Wednesday was a good day with a morning only training session under cloudy skies and cool temps. The 4v4 was very well attended and the players enjoyed 'free play' - no coaching, just play and have fun with friends. The pool party was great, a little cool, but the heated pool helped. Even more players attneded the pool party. At 10pm, when our day ended, everyone was tired, but had a a lot of fun.

Today we are back with 3 training sessions. Another nice day of weather, with no chance of rain and moderate temps. We have been extremely fortunte with the weather this week and that makes a hge difference on the energy, attitude and performance of the players.

Friday, a morning session to include a juggle and penalty kick contest, followed by All Star games - with a staff vs the older campers in an All Star game. We have some younger helpers and assistant coaches who will challenge the best of the older groups - should be fun.

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