Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 23

Today is a different schedule for the players -- local players morning trianing session and guests will have the day to sightsee in and around St. Louis. Everyone will meet at 6 pm at St.Luke's for 4v4 on grass fields, BBQ and then to swim party.

Tuesday was another GREAT day in Camp - the weather was nice, a littl sprinkle of rain just for a short time, the players were awesome - great enthusiasm and energy - and we hada soccer quiz that everyone participoated in.

The week is starting to get away from us as we approach the last few days of the Camp. Everyone is having a very good time , making new friends and enjoying a good atmosphere and thew Camp has been running very smoothly with a great program sent over to us by Jan.

Today, Jan has some further tests in the hospital to make sure that everyhting is normal and ok with his heart -- let's wish him well and hopr for the best.

later today, I will have some time to post more pictures.

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