Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday - Camp Day # 2

Monday was a great day with beautiful weather, good meals and a full day of soccer. The players cooperated very well as we played right up to 8:30 pm with the 11 a side games. I am sure that the players slept well last night as the day was long and they were tired.

Today, Tuesday will be the same full schedule, but with the possibility of rain. We will seewhat happen with that-- we will still have the cool temperatures, maybe just a little bit wet.

Wednesday will be a break in the schedule with the Dutchies off untl 6 pm to do some sightseeing and the local boys with a morning training session only.

More later

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thea said...

Hello everybody,

We just hear great and lovely stories from St. Louis. The host families are spoiling our boys terribly.
Jip is jealous and is 'homesick' for St. Louis.

Thea Tony and Jip