Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday, Sept. 21

Hello Terry,

We would like you to open the next webpage to see which title Michelle got from the soccer club JVCCuijk. She has been appointed to “ Talent of the year”.
Every year there is the election of the sportsman, sportswoman, sportsteam and the promise of the future. And the last year they made Michelle talent of the year; the most talented youth-player of the last year. Isn’t that wonderful?!
I will translate the article for you.

JVC chooses Michelle van der Laan to Talent of the year
At the annual member meeting Michelle has been chosen to talent of the year.
The president of the club, Ingrid Kloosterman, took extended time to speech about Michelle. The title was handed over by Ellen van Eldik, the coach of the girlsteam from the KNVB, district under 17.
Michelle started to play soccer at the age of 8, but she also was a fanatic gymnast and she decided to proceed her gymnastic-career. So she stopped playing soccer. In 2004 she nevertheless choose to play soccer again and so she stopped with the gymnastic training and turned back to JVCCuijk.
The last season she was the only girl to play in a boysteam(C2) and she took part at the districtsselection girls under 15 KNVB. She even played with her mothers team and was an important player.
Michelle has played 2 selection games for the girlsteam district under 17 and is now waiting for the results of it.
She played them very well.

Best regards to all of you!!
Michelle, Anja and the rest of the family

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rc.laan said...

Yes!! Michelle has been selected for the girlsteam district under 17!!
She is very proud of it and now has some activities with the KNVB.