Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday, Sept 2


thanks for the comments.
I am sure that Tom will do well with NEC and it is a great opportunity for him to express himself and to develop his talents.
Please keep me posted on his season.

Ajax has lost some key players, but I'm sure they will do well.
I am looking forward to watching them when they appear on TV in the US on Setanta Sports.

My team finished the first week with 3 wins and now we must get ready for a tough 3 game week against 3 of our biggest rivals. Hopefully, at the end of this week, I can report more good news from my team.

Jan is planning to return the US in late September and will stop in St Louis for 2 days. We have a game when he will be here, so he will be able top see us play.

Good luck with school, NEC and the travel.

Stay in touch


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