Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello Terry,
A little note from Holland, last Saturday I was at Harry's house. Theo and his wife were also there. We had a fine evening and talked a lot of our stay with you.
We all did enjoy it very much.
Terry could you put the picture on the blog site for me, it do not work by me.
And will you also put on the following text.

Dear everyone,
Back in Holland we miss you all, we like to come back to you next year, if it is possible.
We all had a wonderful time with you and we loved the weather, here in Holland it rains a lot and it is only 16 degrees Celsius. Cold and wet.
All the children are now at school and have to go back to the normal life, but they will not forget the wonderful time in America.
Thank you for every thing.
Many greetings from Theo and Harry and from me (see the picture).


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