Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wed - Sept 12
an email from Michelle

Hello Terry!

This is Michelle, how are you doing? I’m fine. I really loved the time in America. I want to come back next year, but I’ve seen that it’s not possible, because next year it is for children between ’94 and ’95. That’s not so nice for me.
Like Irene said, we all are going to school now, it is the normal life again, but we will NEVER forget the time in America. I still have the wonderful pictures from America, and they are between my bed. Every evening I look at them, and then I think of you all guys. It was a very nice time, I would love it to come back one time, or maybe twice! Haha, and then the families. Were we stayed. I will thank all of them, that we could stay with them. I guess the other 11 Dutchies loved it there. I still miss you all, maybe the camp can be in Holland in 2009. That would be great!!
The competition from our own team has begun already, we won one game with 5-0, and we lost one game with 2-1. That’s not so good, but the first half we were worse. The second we were better, but they didn’t gave it away. I have also played a selection game for the Girls team under 17 for my district. I played very well, but I still have to play one more. But when I play the same as before, and how I played in America, I think I will be in the district-team under 17.
When we have a training with our own team, sometimes I put the clothes from America on; Orange, blue, white, or white, blue, orange: DUTCH TOUCH. 

After we came back from America, me and my family, (Jordie also) went to Italy. It was nice wetter, and we just played soccer, and swim. Here (ITEM) a picture from me and my brothers, (from left to right; Julian, Me, Jordie and Jannick) at the swimming pool. Can you please thank Tim Tettambel? My brother and I stayed with him, we liked it very much,

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Xxxxx Michelle, and greetz from Jordie and my mum and dad.

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