Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am happy to report that my season with CBC High School opened with a 3-0 win on Monday (8-27). This weekend, (8-30,9-1) we play out of town teams from Indiana and Wisconsin. Then the following week we host our Tournament - the 30 something year of it -- feauturing the best teams in the area.

The heat may be starting to break, but we still desperately need rain.

I watched the Eredivisie game of PSV - NEC on Setatnta Sports -- big win for PSV.
Hopefully, soon Ajax will be featured.

I recently went to the NEC website and saw Stefan and Tom Menting listed with the
C-2 team. I will follow that team this year.

Please send indo on what you and your team is doing.
Love to hear from everyone when you get a chance.


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Daniella said...

Hi Terry!
Congratulations with winning..that's a good start!

Tom played his first official match with N.E.C. yesterday against AZ, 3-3 score. A very nice game.

Tom has also started school now and is picked up very early every day by bus. A big change, but so far he really likes it a lot. He also had no problems adapting to the heavier training program of N.E.C.(5 times a week) as he was in pretty good shape after the camp in St.Louis..

A busy time for us these lasts few weeks (lots of washing of clothes), but we are having a lot of fun. Traveling the country every weekend and sometimes also on Wednesday for the matches.

I am now watching the summaries of the matches of this week on the television. In a few minutes we will know what Ajax did against Groningen... Suarez just scored the first goal!! Two minutes later 1-1, ai..I hope this will end better:)
In the second half another very good opportunity for Groningen to score, but they just missed. Now 2-1 for groningen after 66 minutes...Huntelaar missed at first, but finally scored! 2-2!
What a match..

And the end of this brief update. Take care Terry and talk to you later!
Greetings Daniella.