Friday, July 18, 2008

........ and we're off !!! successful landing and arrival

9:45 pm local St. Louis time - Friday, July 18

We have welcomed our guests and new friends to St. Louis !!
There was a joyful reception as our visitors arrived and made their way down the hallway to the waiting host families. It was instant recognition and warm welcomes were exchanged as the host families presented the guests with Cardinal baseball hats and St Louis Rams t shirts. Everyone looked tired after the long trip, but happy to be here.

We have pictures taken and I will post them once they get to me.

First thing in the morning(11 am), we will meet and tour the Rams (NFL) training facility and then the rest of the day is for spending time with the families and spending time in various ways in St. Louis.

The good news is that they have arrived safely and we can mow proceed with our planned activities. More to come later ---


fam vd berg said...

Good to read that you arrived savely and well.
As you see, the weblog is being read in the Netherlands.
Enjoy yourselves, have fun !!
Much greetings from a cold and rainy Arnhem,
Fam van den Berg (Thom's family)

Anonymous said...

stopped by CBC at 5PM on Sunday:
it was 38 deg C

fam. Buurman said...

It's nice that we can follow what's
happening in ST Louise with our boy's. The weather is better than in Holland it's still raining.

greetings from family Buurman (Tim's family)