Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it really over so soon ?????

Friday, July 25 9:00 pm
Yes, unfortunately the week has come the end, the camp has ended and our friends,new and old, will return to their homes with manuy memories. The St Louis people involved, players, coaches and host families will carry the memories of the week with them for some to come. It was a great week, culminating in a sensational awards ceremony where Jan had an assortment of momentos from Holland for the players. He initiated a soccer player card raffle and trading event that really caught on and the kids loved it. The big winner ( National Team jerseys of Holland -Home and Away, and Germany- home) were Malik Hadjri, Spencer Holloman and Jordan Forrest.

The winners of the wooden shoe award - presented to the MVP of the Camp were - Henning Huigen (Holland) in the young division and Mara Keomanivane of Illinois in the older diivision.

Nick Imo establisheda Camp consecutive juggling record today in the individual juggling contes with 2400 consecutive juggles using a #3 ball - during which time he twice cradled the ball on the back of his neck as he dropped down to tie his shoe and also trapped the ball between his legs for a momentary rest -- it was very impressive !!

From Tuesday on we picked 3 Players of the Day and presented a T-shirt with the Dutch Lion, which they wore for the entire day. The winners were: Mara Keomanivane, Michelle van der Laan, Liz Hopkins, Sara Price, Matt Yankowitz, Corey Nolte, Nick Lehman, Ben Modde, Tony Siedler (from Germany), Justin Bilyeu, Nick Imo and Tyler Womack.

we hope that everyone had a good time and learned in some way how to improve as a soccer player. We do know that there were many opportunities presented for the players to learn and hopefully, as time goes on, they will realize some benefit.

The coaches selected some 20 players and extended invitations to them to travel to Holland on the Spring trip (March 18-29). Please check the website for more information about the trip in the near future. W#e have 20 plane tickets reserved and we expect the trip to fill rather quickly.

In closing, tomorrow, Saturday. we will gather at the airport for the final time to see our visitors off and hopefully we will stay in contaqct thru email and see them again in the spring as we travel to Holland.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great experience.


fam. vd Laan said...

En we hebben een geweldig afscheidsfeestje gehad bij Cathie, Matt en kids Laufketter!!! Met een spetterend optreden van ABBA, karaoke-optredens van de Dutchies en de kids van de Amerikaanse gastgezinnen,heerlijk eten wat voor ons klaar stond. Drinks, soda, bier een een wijntje(we do have HOPE), echt waar, het was hier FANTASTISCH!!!! Iedereen bedankt voor deze mooie week, groetjes van Anja, Michelle, Jordie en Jannick

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell us what happened at the party Friday evening?
We heard rumors that it was a Hawaiian evening ... with music and great food...and comraderie...
but: we also heard that Coach Theo was booed when he sang Hawaiian songs....comments anyone who was at the party?

Anonymous said...

i miss you all
it was a really nice week for me and for the other boys and girls,too
i hope i will see you again in march in holland

tony siedler from germany =D

Sullivanxaar said...

i miss you all it was a really nice week for me and for the other boys and girls,too i hope i will see you again in march in holland tony siedler from germany =D