Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here They Come !!!

Thursday, July 17, 7:00 pm local time

In just about 24 hours from this very moment the plane will be touching down in St. Louis with our guests and new friends and some returning friends. We are anxiously awaiting their safe arrival and the time we will spend together.

The plans are all in place, the host families are very excited to welcome their new house guests and the soccer activities are just around the corner. Right off the bat, Saturday, we have scheduled a tour of the St. Louis Rams (NFL) training center in St. Louis. The rest of Saturday and a good part of Sunday will be spent resting up from the trip and getting used to new surroundings. Camp starts st 4 pm on Sunday and from then on it is busy,busy,busy. We have tickets for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball game on Thursday night for the visitors and host families.

we will post daily pictures, hopefully, starting with the arrival on Friday night .

more to come in the following days ---

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