Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cool,Rainy Thursday

Thursday, July 24 - 9:40 PM LOCAL TIME

Yes it was a cool and rainy day -- we were in the rain during parts or all of the 3 training sessions. A late morning, heavy rain caught the last part of the morning session, with scattered rain in the afternoon, and rain throughout the evening session. The Cardinal baseball went on as scheduled.

The rain took some of the life out of the player's legs today and the recovery and rejunivation was slower than usual. It was much better than the high temps and humidity of Sunday and Monday.

Friday will close out the week with a morning session and a short afternoon session of awards and prizes. All in all,it has been a great week and many new friends were made.

I am having trouble with posting the pictures ---


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the entire coaching staff for a great week at camp! Also, a big thank you to the host families for taking good care of us. We learn alot this week about soccer and the easygoing American way of life. We will never forget this week!
Tim, Tony and Gundi

Anonymous said...

comment from the owners of the "Ruth and Mike B&B" where Irene stayed last year and Theo/Harry, again, this year..the B&B is open ONLY for Dutch Touch - this year it is July 18 to 26.
It's a FIVE STAR B&B..just kidding.
Stopped by CBC this was cool (23 deg C or so) and no sun (very unusual for STL this time of the summer): the players were scrimmaging and were having a great time. Lunch and awards presentations were to follow...
Talking with some of the adults watching: the host families absolutely, positively enjoyed having the Dutchies and German kids in their homes for the week. Some did it for the first time and would do it, again, in a heartbeat.