Sunday, July 20, 2008

first day in under the heat and humidity

Sunday, July 20 - 11:45 pm local St. Louis time

Just finishing up the long day -- Camp started well today despite high temperatures with equally high humidity. Everyone managed to make it through and the effort was very much appreciated by all the coaches. After a technical warmup session conducted by Jan, we then played small sided games of 6 vs 6 in different ways and then finished the evening with 11 a side games played across the pitch.

Following the session the visitors and the host families met in the school for pizza and refreshments, and a little bit of socializing.

So, all in all, we had a very successful first day and look forward to a full day on Monday, although we have another day of very uncomfortable weather.

Due to a problem with my email, I have not been able to receive any mail, much less pictures to post. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have some to post.

All the visitors seem to be adjusting quickly and are enjoying themselves.

more tomorrow ---

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Huigen said...

Thank you for keeping us parents informed. Very much appreciated!

Wichard and Madelon Huigen (Henning's parents)