Monday, July 21, 2008

First full day !!

I have finally received som epictures to post, hopefully more to come !!
Today was the hottest day this summer in St louis and we made it thriought the full day with plenty of necessary breaks. Lunch and dinner in the air-conditioned dining hall provided a very welcomed relief. In the evening, when the temps were lowering , the 11 a side games were played very competitively. The training in the morning and afternoon was very good and intensive and the players responded well. we are hoping for rain and a break in the high temps and high humidity tomorrow. If not, we will adjust the schedule to provide more indoor activities as well.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a good second day and the weather will cooperate.


Anonymous said...

Major storm/thunder/lightning last night in the area....dropped the temp to about 20C this morning...

Theo Basten said...

Hello Terry,

Nice to see here again pictures from a sunny st. Louis ( I had to come with Daan :() Hope everyting is going well with the Dutchies like last year. have nice and good soccer times. We will watch this blog to see more pictures.
Thanks for all....!!