Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday, July 19 - 8:10 pm local St. Louis time

We enjoyed a nice visit to Rams Park this morning and then had the rest of the day to spend with the host families. Sunday at 4:00pm we will meet the players and begin Camp. By that time, the jet lag should be gone and everyone will be ready to traain and play in the St.Louis heat and humidity. The temperatures are expected to be high for the next couple of days (96,97 degrees F) coupled with high humidity will make it a very sweaty ordeal.

There seems to be a break in the heat possibly Tuesday with the chance of rain showers. With the artificial turf at CBC High School, the rain will not affect the training and will probably be a welcome relief.

Hopefully everyone is settling in and getting familiar with their new surroundings.
Plenty of pictures were taken to day and I will post them as soon as I get them sent to me.

We look forward to a great first day of Camp on Sunday and the arrival of the local players. In total, we will have 104 players in Camp, including 18 girls.
Also, we will welcome back many of our players from last summer as well.

more tomorrow after Camp --

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