Tuesday, August 7, 2007

As we swelter in the St louis heat (heat index over 100 f)and the forecast for the temperature to be 102f the next few days, it's time to think of better things.

the 2008 version of the cbc- dutch touch International Camp will be held the week of July 20-25 at CBC. We have confirmed the dates with the school and are good to go.

We expect a lot of interest as this year was very successful and generated a lot of interest. We will accept players born '94 and '95 and those who attended this summer will have first chance to attend.

Rain would be nice, but does not seem possible. So it is more of the same.
due to the excessive heat, our training schedule has been modified and we get much less done. Everyone has the same problem and in time the heat will decrease and we can get on with things as usual.

Will trade sun for rain for a few days --


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Theo & Bibia said...

hi Terry,

Yesterday we received the lokal newspaper
with a nice article and photo from the boys and Andrew.
You will receive it with mail from us.
Daan and Tim got a telephone call from the KNVB coach that they have been selected for the inter-regional soccer team under 14 years from the KNVB.
Evenso they have to play very good
in the next cupgames, because there will be scouts from the proffesional clubs to look at them.

So a busy and exiting time is coming up.

it is still raining again with 14C (brrrr)...!


Theo & Bibia & Daan