Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hello everyone

by now everyone has settled back home and it is business as usual.

I will keep this blog open for a period of time to allow for messages back and forth.
Feel free to use this as I will check it and post messages regularly for awhile.

I would like to know how everyone is doing now that you are all home.

friday, harry and theo also go home -- then we will have no dutchies until next summer --

Go Ajax !!! maybe that will get a reaction or 2 --

hup holland



theo-bibia basten said...

Hi Terry,

Daan is going oké now, did sleep a lot and he told us very much about all the things he saw and did.
We can tell by his stories that he had a fantastic time
with the Dutchies and the American's. Daan told us that he would have liked to of stayed for another view weeks by the Robinsons…...he enjoyed himself very much..!!
Tonight we going to have a grill evening with Tim and his family. There will obviously be a lot more stories
The boy's are going to write an article in the soccerclub magazine to tell them about their travels in the States. Next week they will start the training with their own soccer team.

Special greetings from Daan to all of you !!


(I am prever PSV !!!)

Nancy Robinson said...

I know I speak for all of the Robinsons when I say it was our pleasure to host Daan and Tim in our home. They are such polite, kind boys and we enjoyed learning about their lives in Holland and a few Dutch words from them. Our attempts to pronounce such words invariably resulted in a few laughs from Daan and Tim but they encouraged our feeble attempts none-the-less. We would welcome the opportunity to have them as guests in our home again - sooner rather than later!

I am not sure what they talked about but every evening after camp Tim and Daan and our boys would stay up late laughing about whatever it is boys laugh about. There was much silliness and sleep seemed a necessary evil to them.

We are grateful to all who made this awesome experience possible for family. It is memory we will share happily for years to come.

Joe and Nancy Robinson