Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday, Aug 5

Glad to report that Harry and Theo are safely home, without any delays !!
I already miss their constant barrage of humor and the quick one-line responses.
Not only were they very good with the soccer, they were a blast to be around.
Theo has groups from Kenya coming into Holland Tuesday for soccer games, so not time to relax.

Today, I am watching the Charity Shield game - Man U vs Chelsea -- both teams are playing for keeps and seem to be in mid-season form. Next week the Premiership starts and the rest of Europe will be starting soon also. Plenty of great soccer to watch and enjoy.

Our weather here is going to be very hot and dry for the next week. We will have temperatures in the 100s f with heat index above that. It will be very uncomfortable and I can already foresee some training cancelled due to the excessive heat.

Hope everyone is back to their normal routines and looking forward to their own club seasons. Please keep us posted on what you are doing as I will keep this blog open for as long as possible.




theo-bibia basten said...

Hi Terry,

Maybe you can send us a little
sunshine, because after two days sun its raining again overhere :-(.
Daan and Tim starts yesterday again with training in the new team. They told us it was very heavy, but they always enjoy to play soccer together.
I want to ask you something,
Can you send us a picture from you and Tim ? so we complete te
picturebook where you two must into for the story's and memory's.

rainy greetings from Holland

Theo, Bibia and Daan

theo-bibia basten said...

Hi Terry

we just recieved from the newspaper
that the will place a article on next wednesday.
we will translate it now and send you next week the article and the translating.

Theo & bibia

Mike said...

Several people asked if there will be another camp in summer 2008. I told them "yes" and you already had chosen the dates.
What are they?

Gray said...

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