Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday, Aug 2, 2:00 pm

Just read a nice response from the Robinson's about the wonderful experience they enjoyed in hosting Daan and Tim.
I can say without any question of a doubt, that this was the biggest win-win situation that any of us have ever experienced.
I read the nice, grateful comments of the Dutch parents, and I read the appreciative st Louis parents and I have spoken with the players enough to know, that everyone had the time of their lives and we will always remember this as a special event in our lives.

Let's hope that we can continue to communicate and exchange mail and share stories even if we are far apart in distance. I want to know how the dutchies are doing and I will be interested to hear from them during their season to know how it is going.
We can also share our stories with them and keep this linof communication open for ................... !!!!!

Thanks to Daan's family for telling me they will translate their story of the trip and we will share it will friends here.

Tim is putting together a 'story book' of the trip, so please send your story(stories) so that we can all enjoy them.

Tim was telling me last night that when his dutchies arrived, they were going to go a coffee house and talk -- the dutchies looked very suspicious of Tim because in Holland, the coffee house is a place to buy and smoke marijuana and hashish, where here it really is a coffee shop to drink voffee and to talk.

that's the first shared story -- let's hear some more !!!

Go Ajax -- hup holland !!!!


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Mike said...

We said "Good Bye" to Theo and Harry earlier today...they will run another camp session for young girls tonight at CBC and then do some "souvenir" shopping tomorrow (Friday) before heading home. We confirmed their rez's and were told by NWA there should be NO problems because pilots only "get sick" LATE in each month.
Coach Harry was suffering from MAJOR mosquito we took him to a swimming pool late last night to let the chlorine help...
It's VERY hot today...again/still.