Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday, Aug 12

The heat continues to be the topic in St Louis -- today the temperature is currently (3:00pm) at 102 f -- no relief in sight as the forecast for next week is similar to last week.

We will temperatures around 100, with no chance of rain.
The heat certainly affects the training as we must modify our training schedule and the performance of the players is also affected.

I received a response last week from Theo Bastan, Daan's dad and I will attach it below. Congratulations and best of luck to Daan and Tim.

Daan and Tim got a telephone call from the KNVB coach that they have been selected for the inter-regional soccer team under 14 years from the KNVB.
Evenso they have to play very good
in the next cupgames, because there will be scouts from the proffesional clubs to look at them.

So a busy and exiting time is coming up.

We also wish Stefan and Tom Menting good luck as they have started training with NEC.

Please keep us posted on their progress as well as anyone else who continues to follow this blog.



rc.laan said...

Hello Terry,
we just arrived from our vacation in Italy. Michelle and Jordie came back from America on Tuesdaymorning and we went to Italy on Wednesday, so we didn't have the time to respond on this blog. We had a wonderful vacation and the kids didn't get the time to relax: they played soccer everyday, in the morning and afternoon. But they were still saying the soccercamp was fabulous. And the pictures they had taken were very nice.
Michelle and Jordie also were interviewed by the local newspaper and I will translate it for you asap...
Yesterday they started training with their own team and the boys asked them about America. They are already talking about next year...

So soon you can expect the article about the soccercamp from our newspaper.

Greetings, fam. van der Laan

CBC-Dutch Touch said...

To the family vd Laan

thanks for the nice comments -
Jordie (Beavis) and Michelle were outstanding during the camp and I enjoyed watching them every day.
I knew from the time they arrived at the airport in St Louis, when they were inseparable from their juggle balls, that they were bringing an exciting style of play. I noticed their control and speed of movement and their passion to play with the ball.

I will greatly appreciate the translation of the article and then I will post it as I did with Tim and Daan's article.

thanks again