Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday, Aug 3

Today we take Harry and Theo to the airport for their return trip home.
What a pleasure it was to spend 2 weeks with them, to learn from them and to enjoy their company. They could do comedy as 2 man act -- they are funny and play off of each other very well.
I thoroughly enjoyed talking soccer with them and sharing information. Watching them work with the young boys and mostly girls in the 2nd week was very interesting. They have the ability to relate to players at whatever level they may be and their patience and willingness to help them improve was truly outstanding.

I would love to welcome them back anytime in the future and I will pass this along to Jan as well.

I wish them a good, safe flight home and thank them sincerely for their time spent in St Louis, and for the new friendship that we created. Once again, I am fortunate to have met new dutch soccer friends and expanded my knowledge as a coach.

I learned something everyday from Jan, Harry and Theo and I thank them for that.



Mike said...

you would have enjoyed the "Laurel and Hardy" routines that Theo and Harry performed at Hotel Ruth/Mike each evening...their favorite song is "Love is in the air"....we hope they have an on-time, safe return home...they are a class act.

Tim said...


You are not going to believe this... today I received a call from the Hilton Hotel, and they had a Samsung camera and swim trunks from room 738!!!

I put in new batteries, and found the pictures belong to Jip... So, after a long travel week there is some good news!

I hope to obtain his personal mailing information via email and return his pictorial memories of St. Louis.

Great Stuff!!!


Tim Tettambel

theo-bibia basten said...

hi Tim and Terry

It must be quiet by now in st. louis. Maybe it will feel as a storm that was getting over cbc.

Daan is active again and enjoy his last weeks off holliday.
Every day we still read this blog
and it feels if we no each other
very long.

Enjoy your weekend, your rest and the sun.
the sun is now in Holland to with 25 g. C.

sunny greetings

Theo, Bibia and Daan