Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday, Aug 2

Just read a nice response from Daan's family saying how much Daan enjoyed his time in the States and his host family. Als it was mentioned that Daan and tim will write an article for their soccer club magazine about their trip to the States --I would like an English version of that , if possible.

we are already having people in St Louis asking about can they sign up now for the camp next summer -- it is the talk of the town !!!

It is still sunny and very hot here and we need some rain !!

I start team training on Monday, Aug.6 for my CBC High School team and that season goes through the end of November.

I just spoke with Jan and he is relaxing on holiday with his family at the beach.

Harry and Theo have their last training session today and then they are off tomorrow to return home. I have really enjoyed them and learned a lot fromm them.

thanks again


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theo-bibia basten said...

Hi Terry,

We will translate it for you and send it with mail.

We have some sunny and some rainy days in Holland on this time.

Theo & Bibia