Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday, Aug 9

This is a translation of an article written by daan and Tim for their Gemeente Nieuws about the camp experience. Thanks to Theo Bastan for sending this to us:

In the week of the 30th of July Tim Buurman and Daan Basten, who both play in the C1 team
of the Bataven and who both are national Dutch voetballers (under 13, eastern region) came
back from an unforgetable journey which they made to St Louis MO, America. Organisator
Jan Pruijn (old player from the Bataven) invited both lads with ten other Dutch players in the
age catergorie of 13 to 15 years to join him in the “CBC Dutch Touch” International Soccer
Camp in St Louis.
Since Febuary there had been several meetings giving everybody the chance to get to know
each other and to recieve information about this special journey.
On the 20th of July the day had finaly come and a group of twelve soccer players and three
trainers took off for a ten day trip from Dusseldorf airport heading for the USA.
They flew via Detroit to St Louis where they recieved a warm welcome from Jan Pruijn and
all the guest families. Tim and Daan were staying with Nancy and Joe Robinson and their six
children, who were all very exited about having the “Dutchies”
The first day the boys stayed at home, rested and tried to aclimatise to what in their eyes was
“The Big America”, everything was bigger, the house the car and even the televisions were
bigger than at home!
On Sunday July 22nd the soccer began at last with a four versus four tournament.
This all took place at CBC High School in St. Louis where Tim Tettambel, Terry Michler
with their staff and with the Duch trainers Jan Pruijn, Harry Jansen and Theo Derks, and
about seventy players were about to start on this great soccer happening. With the
temperature well up in the 30’s and with a high humitity it took some getting used to for the
Dutchies. In the evening the boys were all collected by their guest parents and enjoyed a well
earned rest.
On Monday 23rd of July the routine of the football camp began as it would for the rest of the
week. After pancakes at home for breakfast, they would be taken to Highschool for training
and then a four against four game, lunch at school, more training and then eight against eight,
diner and then in the evening eleven against eleven games. The teams were often mixed and
the language wasn’t a barrier when it came down to playing soccer together.
It was tough and very tireing for the boys having to play in such extreem temperatures, and by
wednesday they were pleased to have the day off, and visited the Arch, sailed on the
Missisippi completing their day with a barbeque with water melon and a nice cold dive in the
swimming pool.
Thursday was the day that the Dutch players were to give a demonstation training, under the
leidership of Jan Pruijn and watched by the sixty American players.
Friday was the last day, they played some soccer and in the evening they watched a real
American baseball game in a big stadium.
Tim and Daan had a great time with their American family, in the evenings they would play
baseball, soccer and basketball with the children and neighbourhood childen, after which they
would sit on the veranda and teach them Dutch words.
Their Guest family were as a real “Guest” family and everyday there would be e-mail contact
with Holland, the boys were espiecally well looked after with much warmth and care.
All in all it was an experience that Tim and Daan never will forget, and their contact with
America is one for always and who knows one day they may return.



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