Monday, July 30, 2007

1:29 pm Monday , july 30

from Jan in Detroit


flight is still on time ,boarding 03.15 , and departure
04.10 !!

If you don't get a call from me , then everything is on
schedule and ON TIME !!!

Regards Jan from DTW


theo-bibia basten said...

Hi Terry,

We just saw on internet that the plane is in the air..yeah...!!
we will see them soon in A'dam.

more about Daan when he is home again.

dutch greetings

Mike said...

Theo and Harry just returned from sightseeing downtown....they were relieved to hear the news and very happy...

Mike said...

I was wondering....
is it easier for the families to pick up the boys in Amsterdam? or would Dusseldorf have meant less driving/would have been easier?
Just curious...