Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 11:40 pm

just got home after spending time with the dutchies at the Hilton Hotel and having a late dinner with them. They were all in good spirtits after play time at CBC and a swim in the Hotel pool.

Jan is holding up quite well as he is doubling up as a travel agent and trying to find flights that will get them home as soon as possible.
Let's hope for the best tomorrow and that they get on their morning flight.

time to go to bed and get some rest --



rc.laan said...

We also hope that the kids fly home a s a p. Michelle phoned at 23.45u(Dutch time) and she had a difficult time.
To cancel 1 flight:ok, but to miss another flight due to misunderstanding/fault from people of the airplane, was too much for her. Therefor I really hope they will leave America on Monday and make an end at this unsure stay at the St. Louis Airport.
Tim, Terry and Jan, thanks again for everything you do and take care of. I hope this bad ending will soon be over for you.
Best regards, Anja

Daniella said...

Sorry to hear that the flight was not confirmed and the kids are still in the USA. Jongens (en meid) hou nog even vol.
Irene is intussen hier aangekomen en heeft een goede nachtrust gehad. Tom slaapt nu nog.

Zeker Irene voelt met jullie mee en hoopt dat jullie snel een vlucht terug hebben. Vanuit hier veel liefs van haar.

Irene, Daniella, Tom en Frank

theo-bibia basten said...

hi everybody,
It is not nice for all of you to
have this flight problems, but last night 01.15 I spoke to Daan
and he was still in a good mood.
It was good to hear of the perfect care from Tim, Jan and Terry for the Duthies.
Hope they will be on the flight
this morning and we will see them tomorrow in Amsterdam. Have a good flight....!!