Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday, July 29 - 7 pm

another day of disappointment for the remaining 6 dutchies and Jan --
Northwest airline failed to confirm the tickets they gave them and when they showed up on Sunday to fly home, they did not have tickets !!!

Again, after trying everyway possible, they were forced again to stay over in St Louis at the Hilton Hotel near the airport.

We took the group back to CBC to play soccer and basketball in the gym and just to let them play -- they seem ok now, but were obviously disappointed.

The plan now is to leave St Louis Monday at 8:30 am and arrive Amsterdam on Tuesday at 5:55 am -- let's hope that this plan works .

Glad to hear that the first group of dutchies are safely home, and resting up I would imagine.

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Mike said...

I'm starting to wonder what else can go wrong...Jan/Terry/Tim have done EVERYTHING absolutely perfect..but NWA keeps everyone in suspense...we all know, via the newspaper/internet, that NWA is having pilot-availability problems, but: why do they have to pick on the Dutch boys?
We all hope they make it home as per the latest plan...