Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday, july 24

Just finished the morning session under clear skies and a warm sun.
The session started with Jan setting up an activity with the 12 Dutch players while the local players watched as the Dutch players showed the proper way to progress through an activity.
I requested this from Jan as I think it ois very important for our young players to see how earlier, proper training affect performance during a training session. The locals then went into groups and repeated the activites and we finished the morningwith 4v4 games.

The afternoon was hot and the beginning was very sluggish, until the 8v8 games and then eveyone found some energy. The games are very competitive and the players play to win the matches.

In the evening, the sun was down and the temperature cooled a bit and the 11v11 games were very spirited. We divide the camp into 2 divisions, each with 3 teams and the winningf team played the next game and the losing team rested. it was down to the last kick in some of the matches and the spirit was very high.

At the end of the day, we complimented the players for the morning and evenig sessions and said that the afternoon was some good and some bad.

The food has been very good and lots of it. No complaints !!!!
In the interval between sessions, we have done some teambuilding activities and watched some highlights of the goals from WC '06 Germany and a tape on juggling tricks.

On Wednesday, we take a little break in the schedule, much neede as the players are starting to tire, for the dutchies to spend time with the host families and do some sightseeing i n and around St. Louis. The local players will train in the mornig as usual and then have the afternoon off.
The entire camp will meet at a neighborhood school and play 4v4 on a grass field, have BBQ and watermelon, and then enjoy a cool, relaxing time at a local swim park -- they will definitely enjoy that !!!

We are trying hard to post some pictures of the camp, and hopefully that will done when you read this post.

For those of you who have made comments, I brought the dutchies in to read them ooff my laptop.

More tomorrow



Tim said...

Hello All,

My first attempt to add pictures to the blog site failed. I will continue to refine my efforts.

Best Regards,


Daniella said...

Hi everybody
It is indeed very nice to read all the updates every morning! It sounds like everything is going according to the plan and that the boys have a lot of fun over there. Have a nice BBQ and swim tonight!!
A big hug for Tom and Irene and greetings to you all.


thea said...

Hello everybody,
We look for your updates first thing every morning. We wish you a lot of fun today.

kind regards Thea

Astrid said...

hi everybody!!!

We looking forward to see some pictures, but where are they hahaha!! succes with it.
We hope you'll have a great day today in the swimmingpool and the BBQ, Steef don't eat all watermelon!!!! the others will some to! hihi

lots of love from all of us

theo-bibia basten said...


thanks that you give every day a update so we can follow the camp with the kids. Have a nice BBQ and swimparty

Theo & Bibia