Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome to the cbc-dutchtouch blog

This will be the official communication center for the International Camp .
We will post daily information.
The weather forecast is very favorable for the weekend and the early part of the week, with temperatuires in the 80s -- and clear and sunny.

We have over 70 players signed up for the camp and the quality level should be very good.
The excitement is building and Sunday cannot arrive soon enough.



Tim said...


The children arrived safely, and we are very excited to welcome our guests. Unfortunately Rody van Ossenbruggen's luggage is still in transit from Detroit, and should arrive Saturday (7/21).

Saturday is a rest day after travel, and a day for the guests and hosts to get familiar with one another.


theo-bibia basten said...

thank you for the clear information and we will follow the camp every day.
many greetings for all of you !!

marcel said...


Thanks for the update.
I wish all of you a great week and let's see what the combination of Dutch Soccer experience and American competiveness can bring to the game.

Marcel Stuve

Astrid said...

Thank you for the information.
i follow this blog every day.
have a great week with good weather and great soccer.
greetings and have fun

thea said...

Thank you for the information.
We look forward to following the soccer camp every day.
We wish you all a great unforgettable time.

Mike said...

How lucky we are with the weather! The energy level of the players is terrific. Obviously, they are getting enough food/rest/water.
You can see it in their faces: the players are having a great time...

Mike said...

For our friends overseas:
would you believe that one of the referees on Monday was George Gansner, a FIFA AR, who just returned from the U20 WC in Canada.
He refereed in full FIFA uniform and addressed the players briefly: the message - team work/fitness and pressure/courage...he said if one of the US referee team of center/2 assistants would have failed any of the fitness tests, all three would have been on the next plane home.