Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday, july 30 10:20 pm Str Louis (5:20 am Amsterdam)

30 minutes from now the plane shouild be landing and the dutchies will all be home, back with their families. The long ordeal of getting home is all but over, and now the stories of the trip will begin to be told.

Best of luck to all and thanks



rc.laan said...

YES they are home!!! But no stories of everything at all: we came home at 8.00u and they went to bed at 8.01u. Jordie has already slept al the way driving home, but he slept on when we came in...
The stories will be told when they will be awake; maybe this afternoon or evening??? We'll see.
Thanks again for everything, they had a wonderfull time!!!
See you, Ruud, Anja, Michelle, Jordie, Jannick and Julian vd Laan

thea said...

Finally they are home!
Jip also fell asleep on our way home. He just found the energy to tell us about the wonderful time he has had. About the delicious pancakes and brownies Ann made for them. We will just have to wait for the rest of the stories.
Thank you all for everything.

Thea Tony Jip & Max

P.S. if some one should find a small camera (Samsung)?? Jip has lost his.