Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Late, late Wednesday, July 25 (11:20 pm)

We just returned from the swim party and the kids had a blast !!
We had the pool to ourselves, all the slides, tunnels, diving boards and everything else.

The dutchies spent the day on riverboat ride and then on land for a shopping spree.
When we met back up, I asked what they had bought for me, they all said nothing !
I said maybe they just forgot ???

The 4v4 was very good and Michelle drew a crowd as she was dazzzling the place with moves and goals. She also won the 'unofficial" diving contest at the pool, without much real competition except many, may very poor dives that must have hurt when they hit the water.

Steef ate the most watermelon of all, everytime I saw him, he had a piece and they were always getting bigger. Tim and Kip were wearing new baseball caps from the shopping spree and I think scored the most goals on the night.

Thursday will the last full day of camp with Friday ending at 2:30 and then off to the St Louis Cardinals baseball game that night.

By now the camp is buzzing with new friendships. It has been a great week for everyone and the level of soccer has been good and the competition very keen.

More later and hopefullyt that will include many, many photos.



marcel said...

Great to follow you guys this way. We almost feel like we are actually there to watch you. It is super to here about the new friendships developing, again the proof that sports can be a positive factor for kids from all over the world. We are just curious about all the gifts bought for us during the shopping spree...
Marcel & Maudie

rc.laan said...

That's nice: Michelle winning the diving contest. So 7 years of doing gymnastics before playing soccer have done a good job for her...She did have a fantastic day, yesterday, I guess. Please give her a BIG HUG from us and also for her brother Jordie... Have a nice time at the baseball game tonight, it probably will be an other exciting evening for the Dutchies!!
Ruud, Anja, Jannick & Julian

thea said...

Thank you all for giving our dutchies such a great time and sharing it with us.
We are anxious to see more pictures.
Thea, Tony & Max

Astrid said...

did they forget you, thats not nice isn't it hihi! We said it already about the watermelon, so we hope that Steef has left a little bit for the others...just a little!!!
We are very excited about te pictures...and the stories of the kids ofcourse!

Have a nice day today

lots of love from a claudy Holland

Mike said...

we are on our way to take Irene's camera and card to CBC...Mark, Terry's son who is a genius with computer stuff, will put the pictures on the blog by 9AM CDT.
There will be MANY good ones!
Enjoy will see some of the reasons why the kids are having a such a good time...maybe one or more will not want to return to the Netherlands?
Just kidding...

Daniella said...

I also got the feeling that the kids have such a good time that they are not very eager to return to rainy Holland. Maybe you can arrange some nice Beckham-like contracts for them so that they can stay in the states:)
We would be glad to join them!

Mike said...

how did you like your Mom's picture, in front of the HOT sign? The school is next to the subdivision where she is staying. We've had NO rain since the Dutch contingent arrived...only sun...all day...her nose is so red that it looks like a cooked lobster nose. Forecast says it might rain when the kids are at the Cardinals' baseball game on Friday...hope so, because our flowers/trees/grass need it....

Daniella said...

Indeed a very nice picture, Mike! And as for the sunburns..we dutch people can't handle a lot of sun, I guess..
Here a change of weather is expected!! Sunny and warm from Sunday on! A nice way to adjust to home again for the kids and my mom.