Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday, July 25

we posted 1 picture of Jeroen Meyers and Tim Buurman in the background. We have many more photos to download from a camera onto this site and that will be done tomorrow.

today the dutchies spent the day away from the camp and the locals trained in the morning with the afternoon off. Another sunny day and I hear the rain has stopped in Holland --yeah !!

I wore the KNVB hat yesterday and no one had a problem with it.

Maybe tomorrow I wear the Holland hat- sorry I don't have Vitesse or PSV or the Feyenoord.

we caught up with the dutchies this evening at 5:30 pm for 4v4 play in the neighborhood on grass field, BBQ, watermelon and then to a swim party.

tomorrow, thursday a full day of training.

enjoy the photo of Jeroen and Tim with plenty more to come manana.



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Mike said...

Irene has 30 or more pictures in her camera....good ones, too! We will try to post them tonight...if we fail, Mark Michler will post them for us first thing Thursday morning...about 3PM Dutch time... keep your fingers crossed that it'll work...