Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 7:30 pm

The last full day of camp was especially challenging following the late night swim party, but the players responded fairly well.

We finally were able to post more pictures and hope that everyone enjoys them.
As the week is winding down, it will seem difficult to say goodbye to so many new friends, but it was a great experience for all.

The competition is still good and the teams are mixed with dutchies and locals --many new friends for both groups.

Friday is a shortened day of camp, followed by the ball game at night and then saturday its a trip to the airport to bid farewell.

Thank you very much for allowing your children to participate in camp, and for our young players to expand the soccer experience and their view of the world. We very much enjoyed having them here.

We would like to think that the week went very well, and we are looking for ways to make it better in the future.

Hopefully, you received an email from me with 2 sets of pictures -- sightseeing and football.

good bye



marcel said...


We think the our kids had the experience of their life. We are impressed by your organization and the hospitality you all have shown.
We hope we can repay all of you some day when this world soccer tour sets up camp in The Netherlands. The only thing we probably can't match is the weather.

Marcel & Maudie

rc.laan said...

It really is great seeing those pictures and hearing the Dutchies all have such a great time!! And yes, they're telling by mail that they find it difficult to go home saterday and they rather would like to stay.. Well, that means that all you guys(everybody of the organisation) have done a wonderful job by creating this fantastic event.!!! You're so caring about all the kids and that makes them feel special, thank you so much!! Have a beautiful, last day at soccercamp and enjoy it for whatever it lasts...
Once again, thank you all!!!
Ruud & Anja

thea said...

You and your St.Louis touch are unbelievable. The hospitality, the organisation, the fun and the sun will never be forgotten.
The attentive way in which you share your experiences with us through this weblog is very much appreciated.
We are afraid the kids will be homesick for St. Louis and the wonderful and amazing hostfamily's.
Thea Tony & Max

theo-bibia basten said...

Hi Terry,
It's great to see and hear that the children so much enjoy the camp. We hope that they have nice story's and we can imagine that it is difficult for them to leave. Time flies......It would be great if there comes an opportunity that the camp will be in the Netherlands. We would love to have some childeren to stay with us so we can also do something in return!! Thanks for the wonderful camp and the hospitality from all of you !!
theo & bibia basten

Astrid said...

hi there!!

I think that the boys had a great time there in America!! It was a real experience for them all! next year here??? Have a great time at the base-ballgame tonight.

we see you all sunday at the airport...jeehaaa!!!

a BIG hug from Astrid, Hans, Lisan, grandparents and the dog NINA woefwoef