Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday, July 27

We had a great weather day today with cloud cover and a breeze.
The morning session was a demo by the dutchies and then a 6 a side game vs '94 dutchies and '94 St Louis ( dutchies win 3-1). Then we trained the players for 90 min and had a lunch break and returned for a shortened afternoon session. We a penalty kick shootout contest and then Holland vs St Louis with the entire dutch group vs the older players in the camp ('92,'93) --(3-0 st Louis).

We then concluded the camp with everyone wishing each other well and we gave the dutchies a group photo and camp photo to take home.

Tonight the dutchoies enjoy crdinal baseball game and tomorrow to the airport for the flight home.

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with the yoing dutchies on the pitch.

Hope they travel well and return safely.

Please stay in touch and encourage the players to continue to email their new friends. Several of the girls in camp said already they want to return to Holland for camp next year 9New boyfriends??).




Mike said...

This is a note from Mike and Ruth who hosted Irene this time...also Jan when he was here two weeks ago...and Theo and Harry who will be spending a week with us AFTER the Dutch players leave on Saturday ... they will run a camp next week...
This is our message to all of you:
the reason experiences like this are SOOOO important is simple: it opens the eyes and minds of children who are in a critical time of their life..."living" a week in USA, the way "we" do things here, will help them to mature, as they grow up. They will remember this experience for the rest of their lives....because it was fun AND came at a time in their lives when future values are being formed....
So: good luck to you all .... perhaps we'll see one or more of the "Dutchies" on TV when they will play for top clubs in Europe or (you never KNOW) in the US MLS.
Terry and Jan and Theo and Harry would love would Irene.

Mike said...

it is now 7:45 CDT....everyone is at the baseball game, but...
It's raining in STL...first time in about two are getting might delay the baseball game a little while...but: it's NOT important...we NEED rain here!

rc.laan said...

Well Mike, pherhaps we could change the weather now: the Dutchies will bring your sun to Holland and you could haven all our rain...
And yes, we believe it was a valued time in their lives, spending in America. And we definitely think it was worth it, so they can think seriously about their future. But I'm sure they will cherish this experience and use it for the future!! They will be fine. I'm sure.
Again thank you all very much for the concerness off our kids. We are convinced they have been lacking them nothing and had the time of their lives! THANKS,
best regards for all of you,
Ruud, Anja, Jannick & Julian

Piet and Bianca said...



The picturres are great and we will jou and organisation thanks
for all. The kids have such a greattes thime. And we will dont for get this for us lives.

Thank jou and Guest Parents for all.
Piet and Bianca

Mike said...

just got back from the airport... the NWA 1684 flight is delayed by an hour, scheduled to depart at 18?10...NWA says they will hold the Dusseldorf plane, if necessary, to get everyone home as scheduled.

Kiri said...

Well written article.