Thursday, March 20, 2008


yes we have arrived to the land of tulips, windmills, bicycles wooden shoes = and RAIN !!

Our flight from Amsterdam was smooth and arrived 50 minutes early !!
we were taken by bus to our meeting point, Hotel de Oude Molen, in Groesbeekn The Netherlands for a meeting with our host Jan Pruijn and the host families. After a short meeting with Jan, a Dutch lunch of soup, kroketten and sandwiches of ham or cheese, the host families started arrivingg for introductions and meeting the players. It was great to see some of our 'dutchies'from last summer - Daan, Tim, Rody, and Tom - their parents - plus the mother of Jip and Michelle and Jordie.
The players were then taken to their dutch 'homes'to settle in for the next 4 days.

Rest was in order after the long trip - with training in the morning and afternoon tomorrow, follwed by the Vitsse - NAC game in the Eredivisie, the Dutch 1st division.

we will try to update this post as often as the schedule will allow and post pictures as we can.

the anticipation has been realized and the reality is now - we are here and ready for the busy days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comments and for keeping us updated. We're just as excited about the coming days!
The Murphy Girls (left behind :o)

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't our daughter (Maxine) bothered to contact her mom or me?!!!
Maybe because she is having too much fun and excitement?
I hope so.
Good luck to everyone over there!
Rick and Sally

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. We actually tracked the flight to Amsterdam last night and could not rest until we knew everyone was safe and sound. Alex called this morning - very tired but excited to be there. He and Jimmy were going to have a chance to train with Daan's team and as Bibia(Daan's Mom) stated: the man with the hammer would com - I'm sure they are fast asleep at this moment! Have a great day tomorrow!
Carol and Ron

Robert said...

Thanks for the update. We heard from Greg and it sounds as if he and Stephen settled right in at Tom Menting's house. Their first soccer action came right away on Playstation FIFA 2008! Greg sounded tired, but a good night's sleep will be the cure for his jet lag. Let's hope there is a break in the weather for the travelers. Good luck and have fun!

Bob, Kelly, and Andrew

Anonymous said...

Hello again everyone. Brian is staying with Tim and his Mom, Antoinette, sent me an email today. Thought I'd share a small part..."Tim and I we picked Brian up from the hotel in Groesbeek and went home to our place in Gendt.
We went with Brian to a castle in de place Doornenburg were I have been born and take some
pictures after that we went home because I must go to my work for 3 hours and Brian and Tim
play football in de garden and they went to the school from little Cas to get him from school and went to the store of my husband to get something for Dinner. Later on Brian an Tim going to football training with Daan and the two other boys from de USA."

Hope everyone is having a great time!
The Murphy Girls
(Sherry, Ashley & Tara)