Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday 3-28-08
9:00 pm St Louis local time (3 am Dutch time)

We have safely arrived home after a very smooth flight from Amsterdam to Chicago, and then a 30 minute delay in Chicago and then, the final touchdown in St Louis to complete the return trip of the CBC-dutch touch International Soccer Experience.

Wow !!!!! What a trip !!

Special thanks to the St Louis players and parents for making this happen --
it's a great idea, but it must have a following.

Special thanks to Jan Pruijn for his expertise in arranging this wonderful trip for our kids. We had everything possible for the best trip possible. Jan had 10 teams from outside of Holland over during this 2 week period and managed to pull it off very well.

Special thanks to the Dutch host families: The families of Jip, Daan, Tom Menting, Michelle and Jordie, Tim, Rody and Irene. The hospitality and friendship was tremendous and greatly appreciated. They became our cheering section for each of the games and spent time with us even after the boys left and came into the Hotel.
We have made new friends through this soccer experience and we are better for it.

Special thanks to the 'dutchies' - Jip, Jordie, Michelle, Rody, Tim, Daan, Tom Menting and Tom Stuve who trained and or played games with us. Your friendship, influence, laughter and style of play is important to us.

Special thanks to Harry and Theo, our Dutch trainers and friends. They trained the boys and coached them during the games and shared with all of us their passion and knowledge of the game.

We look forward to the July camp (20-25 July) with 12 Dutch players and 2 German players coming to St Louis. We also will plan a return trip next Easter back to the Netherlands with the St Louis players.

We are all home, but hwne asked at the airport about retunring to Holland, one of our group said - yes, tomorrow !! That says it all.

thanks again to everyone for all that you did to make this trip a lifelong experioence.


Robert said...

Thanks also go out to the other adults who traveled with the group and kept an eye on our sons and daughters. We also owe a debt of gratitude to the Dutch trainers who taught our kids and the host families who welcomed our children into their homes and gave them memories that will last a life time. And lastly, a huge round of applause (a standing ovation actually) and many, many thanks to Terry and Tim for giving so much of their time and effort in organizing this terrific experience for our kids!

Anonymous said...

It's good to read that you guys and girls are home safely. We also had a wonderful time, busy but wonderful!! We had many laughing moments and we learned a lot of you Americans. And yes, we want to thank all the adults who came with the group, they were important and needed. Michelle, Jordie, Jannick and myself; we can't hardly wait to come to your place. But we have to. We will see you again in July!!! Many regards and lots of love from the van der Laantjes!!!

thea said...

We are glad you all got back home safe and smooth. But we miss you all. And that we will see you again next Easter, we expect that to be a promiss!!

Kind regards to everyone

Thea Tony, Jip & Max

Anonymous said...

It's good the read that everyone
is arrived saftely home. It was a very nice time toghether. Daan played all matches an trained with the guys and girls and did make new American friends.
The match on wednesday was perfekt
and one to remember for your an our team,look at this site
and see the picters and nterviews.

thanks for all and many regards

Bibia + Theo + Daan