Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday (5:30 pm local time - 11:30 am St. Louis)

It was a nice day throughout today for the weather with the sun shining for all 3 games. The boys played very well in the first game of the day vs England, but had bad luck. We lost 0-2, in what very easily could/should have been a 1-1 draw. A penalty kick not given and a very questionable late, offside second goal was the story of the game. That English ended playing for the championship of our division. In the 2nd game, we lost 0-1 on late misplay goal that left all of us a bit disappointed. We had our fair share of chances throughout the first 2 games, but failed to capitalize. In the final game of the game, the position game, we prevailed in an exciting game that saw 5 goals. We took the lead twice only to have the Denmak team draw level with us - but in the end , in extra time, Jip Ukusare completed his hat trick for team St. Louis dutch-touch. So, we ended on the right note, with a much deserved victory, and on the day we played 2 very good games.

Monday, the players will take a day off from soccer and spend the day with the families. Easter Monday, in the Netherlands, is a holiday, so everyone, all the parents, will be involved in the day's activities. Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are busy days with 'friendlies'at night. The players will re-group Monday night and stay in the De Oude Molen Hotel for the remainder of the trip.

We have tons of pictures being taken and we were all given a team photo of our St Louis- Dutch team, very nice !!!

look for pictures and the girl's results to follow.
I apologize for not info on the girls but they are playing in a different location than we are. Look for comments to this post and the girl's result will be posted by the vd Laan family.

I was just informed that the English team that we played well against this morning, won the Championship 1-0 vs Scotland. That was our best game and as I said, it should have ended 1-1.

Hope everyone is enjoying a happy Easter - things are fine over here and the weather is till cooperating - dry and not so cold !!


Anonymous said...

The girls had to play their first match against a Danish team. In the second half they had the chance to win the game, but unfortenately they didn't 0-0. The second match they lost from a Dutch team and that wasn't necessary 0-1. The 3d match they lost 0-2 from an English team, which should finally play the final against a Scottish team. Our girls played very well and the Dutchies has treated them like they were one of their own team. At the end they got a medaillon and they can look back at a nice tournament.

Robert said...

When I used to play a lot of golf, it was very bad to have a case of the "yips" but today I think it is great to say, "Jip, Jip, (and Jip) hooray!! It was great to hear that the boys played so well against England who I had seen from the tournament website had wont the whole thing. Great job boys! All of us wish we could have been there cheering you on! Have a great week of training, friendlies, and sight seeing!

Bob,Kelly,and Andrew Evens