Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday 3-31-08

Below is a website that has TV footage of our game vs De Bataven in Gendt, Holland (Daan and Tim's team).
Follow the links and when you get to the list of programs, click the top left program. The game footage starts @ 17 minutes into the program.

On this site ( go to televisie—> bekijk uitzending—> medaiplayer. You can view the TV Lingewaard broadcasting of the match that the St. Louis team played against the Bataven (at the end of the movie).

Below is the recap of the game vs SKV of Wageningen (Tom Menting's old team)

Just a short match report for our guests from St. Louis. Thursday, 27th march 2008, the match between SKV C1 and the college team from St. Louis. SKV started the match very good. It pushes St. Louis far back on its own half. The St. Louis defenders have their hands full, but they are doing a great job. It is good to see that both the boys and girls of St. Louis really enjoy playing football (or should I say soccer) very enthusiastic. Lots of energy and lots duels. SKV also uses this friendly match to try out several younger players from another team, because the C1 has some players with injures and they need some more time to recover. In the first half SKV is quite dominant, but it can not create much scoring opportunities. After 4 minutes the first shot on goal, but it is nicely saved by the goalkeeper of st. Louis. Unfortunately after 15 minutes our centre forward player must leave the game with an injury. Later in the hospital it is diagnosed as a small broken bone in his hand. He has a plaster bandage and needs to take a few weeks rest.

The first half continues with regular attacks from SKV, which result in only a few real good changes. One change for our centre forward, but it takes to much time to position the ball for his right foot. Few minutes later a fantastic save by the St. Louis goalkeeper prevents a goal. Just before half time a shot from Daniel but it hits the crossbar.

The second half is totally different. St. Louis starts much better. The combinations are good and especially dangerous are their fast attacks. It takes only a few fast combinations and the forwards are in scoring positions. SKV does not know how to handle that, and our goalkeeper needs to do some saves. Some of them require the assistance of the defenders. These fast attacks from St. Louis are really dangerous. SKV is playing 1 on 1 in the defense, and that can be quite risky. After 15 minutes SKV recovers a bit from the attacks from St. Louis. A beautiful cross reaches our centre forward, and he does not hesitate and shoots immediately at the goal. Again the crossbar saves St. Louis. A few minutes later Daniel can score after a pass from Lars. Daniel passes his direct opponent and shoots hard and low, 1-0. Being 1-0 behind inspires St. Louis to go for it. It starts to play passionately. It feels that it can still go for the 1-1. It pushes SKV way back in the defense. The attacks from St. Louis keep getting closer to the SKV goal. The players of St. Louis are pushing forward. It is with good combination football and fast forward that they can do this, but luckily for SKV the final shot or combination can be defended.

Five minutes before the final whistle SKV can score the 2-0. After an attack of St. Louis the ball is immediately played far out on our forward Daniel, He goes solo onto the goalkeeper, but unfortunately Daniel can not control the ball and the goalkeeper can pick it up. Finally St. Louis gets the desired result. A combination through the middle is not handle correctly by SKV and Tom (former SKV player) can score for St. Louis, 1-1. Almost immediately after the 1-1 the referee ends the game. After the game all the players from St. Louis get a small memorabilia (key ring with wooden shoes) to remember this game.

For both teams I think this was a great experience. It is always nice to play against international teams. St. Louis thank you very much for this game.


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