Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

The easter bunny has arrived and brought a stranger to town today -- the sun with clear skies !!!!! Hopefully, that will be an omen of good things for the day. The boys resume pool play today with games vs England and Denmark and then the position game, while the girls play for the championship of their division. There is a comment posted from yesterday's post from the vdLaan family with the good news that the girls finished first in the pool and today will have the chance to play for the championship.

This tournament consisit of 450 teams from 15 different countries = it is the European equivalent of the Dallas Cup !!

more later today with hopefully good results

we need to leave now in a hurry while the sun is still hanging around.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! While you finally have some sun, St. Louis is waking up to snow! Not much, but just enough to dust the grass. Good luck to the boys today and congratulations to the girls! What a super job! Keep those pictures and messages coming. We spoke with Alex yesterday and he and Jimmy were very much at home with Daan's family. Although they didn't win in yesterday's games, they enjoyed the experience.
Thanks for the update.
Carol and Ron Severino

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter in the Nederlands!
Great to hear the boys experienced some kind of breakthrough and won their first match....but more importantly according to Frank -they played some entertaining soccer!Frank, Daniella, and Tom have made Stephen and Greg feel more than welcomed. They have certainly made new friends!
Thank you for the pics!
The Koeller's