Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday - 3-25-08 12 noon local time (6 am StL time)

we just finished the training session ahead of the first dose of snow for the day.
It seems that we get every form of weather in the same day, except warm temps.
Yesterday started with snow, cleared, sunny, rain, sleet and snow and some form of freezing sonw/rain/ hail. It certainly was a mess as some of us were trying to get out of Amsterdam and back toi the hotel.

the first night at the De Oude Molen was fine and the morning breakfast was plentiful and good. We are now back for lunch and then to Nijmegen for the day --
watch professional training, tour the stadium, walk the city along the river, and shop at the local soccer shop. this evening we will have a 'friendly' - although due to the weather and poor field conditions, it has been changed to a turf field in the city where we are staying.

more pictures will foolow as many have been taken.

yesterday was the day with the families and many activities took place --- a castle was visited and lazer tag was played, bowling, ice-skating, sightseeing, taking in as much Dutch culture as possible.

ok for now, more later.

all is well to date

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Anonymous said...

Hello to all. We can't wait to see more pictures and we keep praying for clear skies & warmer weather to head your way. We're missing our guys and can't wait to see them on Friday! Hope you all enjoy your last few days with your newfound friends.
The Murphy Girls