Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sat - 3-29-08
9:45 am local St. Louis ( 3:45 pm dutch)

thanks for the responses to the blog about our safe return.
the link to Bataven provides some great photos - need some help with the interviews and write-ups (dutchies ???)

A very special thanks to Tim who was huge in the preparation of this trip. He was a valuable partner from the beginning to the end. He did all that was asked of him and did it very well. Trips just don't happen to go smoothly without a lot of reasons. Thanks Tim !!!

Also thanks to the adults who were on the trip with us to help in so many ways --
Norm, Cathy, Charlie and Marc. It was a team effort and we all have great memories that will last forever. Thanks to all !!!

We will definitely plan to return over next Easter with more experience and with young players who will enjoy themselves in the same way as the players did on this trip.

Any of the dutchies with photos could please send them to Terry or Tim and we are going to compile everyone's photos on a memory stick and give to everyone.(like we did last summer)

Also, for the dutchies, I will send the sweatshirts to Jan and he is planning a meeting for you and he will give them to you at that time.

St Louis parents may also order a sweatshirt and I will send an email about that soon.

thanks to Rody's parents for taking on Nico for the entire trip and for seeing us off at Schiphol. Rody and Nico were the perfect pair --

Thanks to all the dutch parents for visiting at our Hotel on the Thursday night to say good-byes -- that was very special that you were there with us. We are vey lucky to have established this new friendship with people who live in different parts of the world. When any of you want to visit America, especially, St Louis we will have everything for you. Please take us up on this at some time.

all the best


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