Saturday, March 22, 2008

SAT AFTERNOION 4:15 PM dutch time (10:15 am St Louis time)

another day of cold, wet weather -- and 3 shortened games.
adue to the weather and field conditions, the games were 20 minutes long.
first game vs Austria 0-0,
2nd game vs SC Venray (Holland, the host city's club) 0-3,
and the 3rd gaame vs Denmark, 0-3.

We are still looking for our first goal.
The boys were joined by the dutchies from the St Louis camp in July:
Tim, Dan, Rody, Jordie, Jip and Tom.
The dutchies rained with us on Friday as well.

The girls joined a local team as guest players and did very well in their games.
I do not have specific information om their results. Tomorrow, concludes the tournament with 3 more games.

frpm all indications, everyone is adjusting very well to their new ´digs´.
I have spoken with everyone, and all is well.
Having many of the dutchies around from last summer is really special and the interactions between the groups is fun to watch.

Tim will be posting photos and that will be nice to the activities of the group.

all the players are with their ´families´ until game/time tomorrow.

more tomorrow //


fam. vd Laan said...

Well, I can tell you that Clair and Maxine have played very well with the local girls-team. This team remains most girls from '93/94and today they played against girls from '91/92 from Germany, Denmark and guestland Holland. Twice it was 0-0 and the 3d match they won with 1-0. There had to be taken 5 penalty-shots to decide which team was called to be 1st in their poule. It was our Dutchteam who won from the German team. This means that they can try to become the winner of the tournament tommorow. I will let you know tommorow!! Best regards from all of us.
Fam vd Laan
and also from Cathie, Clair & Maxine

Deacon Pat said...

Great blog.....