Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vroluk Pasen - Happy Easter

I see Terry already posted information on the tournament, and it is now my turn to post a few pictures. I am keeping a daily log and have much to share about Nederland in general. Irene informed it is no longer Holland!


Tim Tettambel


Akinol said...

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Oswald said...

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Robert said...

Thanks for the photos!

When I used to play a lot of golf, it was very bad to have a case of the "yips" but today I think it is great to say, "Jip, Jip, (and Jip) hooray!! It was great to hear that the boys played so well against England who I had seen from the tournament website had wont the whole thing. Great job boys! All of us wish we could have been there cheering you on! Have a great week of training, friendlies, and sight seeing!

Bob,Kelly,and Andrew Evens