Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday 3-24-08 10:30 am local time- 4:30 am St Louis time

a day off today to spend with the families, visiting sites in Holland.
The day started with snow and is a mixed sky with the sun peeking out occassionally.
The week's forecast is for much the same all week with temps rising from 5,6,7.8 celcius as the week goes on.

starting tonight we all gather in the De Oude Molen (Old Windmill) hotel for the rest of the trip. Tuesday is training and spending the day in Nijmegen watching NEC (por teasm_ train and then sightsee and visit a soccer shop. In the evening we have a friendlie vs the team from Michelle and Jordie.

we are off to see some youth games of the NEC pro system and then a driving tour of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the north.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pictures! I have all of our family (Maxine's) hooked on this blog. Thay all love it. So keep up the good work!
Now just keep Max from maxing (pun intended)out the credit card please!

Rick and Sally Peat

Fenrisar said...

See please here